During the same month that HTML5 was designated a Candidate Recommendation by the W3C, 24 ways covered issues of performance as part of responsive web design, CSS and preprocessing, responsive images (again) and design systems.

  1. Science!

    Jon Tan

    Jon Tan opens the final door on the web advent calendar to reveal the glittering star of research evidence shining its light on design decisions. Merry Christmas!

  2. Redesigning the Media Query

    Les James

    Les James proposes an alternative to the fully fluid grid as an approach to responsive layout challenges. Sprinkle on some Sass fairy dust and, providing you’ve been good this year, watch your creation spring to life.

  3. HTML5 Video Bumpers

    Drew McLellan

    Drew McLellan invites you to pull up to the 2012 24 ways bumper, baby, with an neat JavaScript solution to an HTML5 <video> branding problem. And that was “24 ways bumper” not “Christmas jumper”. He has enough of those already.