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24 ways to impress your friends


During the same month that HTML5 was designated a Candidate Recommendation by the W3C, 24 ways covered issues of performance as part of responsive web design, CSS and preprocessing, responsive images (again) and design systems.

  1. Science!

    Jon Tan

    Jon Tan opens the final door on the web advent calendar to reveal the glittering star of research evidence shining its light on design decisions. Merry Christmas!

  2. Monkey Business

    Andy Clarke

    Andrew Clarke unpicks issues of cost and value, specifically when clients question our prices. It can be uncomfortable, but there’s always wiggle room. Bear left? Monkey right.

  3. Unwrapping the Wii U Browser

    Anna Debenham

    Anna Debenham harnesses the console browser huskies to the sled of web design and races off into the deeply forested landscape, leaving in her wake only an in-depth analysis of the new Wii U and its internet capabilities.

  4. Content Planning Demystified

    Erin Kissane

    Erin Kissane sets off hopefully into the broad open plains of the new year, vanquishing gooey and chaotic content with a refreshing dose of clear-headed strategy to prevent your post-Christmas content hangover.

  5. Giving Content Priority with CSS3 Grid Layout

    Rachel Andrew

    Rachel Andrew unwraps the CSS3 grid layout module and sets out how its new properties can break the ties between source order and layout, and rescue us from the quaking ground of floats. Support is limited to IE10 right now, but Christmas and New Year are times for looking forward to the future.

  6. Cut Copy Paste

    Brendan Dawes

    Brendan Dawes raids his Christmas stocking early and shares some interesting and useful code snippets for you to grab, remix and combine into new things for 2013.

  7. A Harder-Working Class

    Nathan Ford

    Nathan Ford delves deep into the sack of CSS goodies and rewards our attention with a clever object-oriented, scalable and modular approach to attribute selectors. Old wine in new bottles.

  8. Redesigning the Media Query

    Les James

    Les James proposes an alternative to the fully fluid grid as an approach to responsive layout challenges. Sprinkle on some Sass fairy dust and, providing you’ve been good this year, watch your creation spring to life.

  9. Design Systems

    Laura Kalbag

    Laura Kalbag beckons us in from the cold wastelands of transitional, device-rooted layouts to warm our toes at the hearth of a more systematic way of working.

  10. Responsive Responsive Design

    Tim Kadlec

    Tim Kadlec broadens the scope of responsive web design to include bandwidth and hardware capabilities. Images too big? Another JS library? It’s time to work off the seasonal weight gain from your responsive website.

  11. Colour Accessibility

    Geri Coady

    Geri Coady extends goodwill to all with some insights about colour and how it impacts everyone using our sites and apps. Full of practical tips and tools, this gift keeps on giving.

  12. Being Prepared To Contribute

    Trent Walton

    Trent Walton celebrates the collaborative DNA of the web community. We make the web better when we work together, and we should seek out ways of contributing for the greater good. A little bit like Christmas, really.

  13. HTML5 Video Bumpers

    Drew McLellan

    Drew McLellan invites you to pull up to the 2012 24 ways bumper, baby, with an neat JavaScript solution to an HTML5 <video> branding problem. And that was “24 ways bumper” not “Christmas jumper”. He has enough of those already.