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24 ways to impress your friends


If code is our bread, then content is our butter. It’s also been king for a while. A buttery smooth king. [Ed: Mixing metaphors is inelegant, reveals a want of sophistication and causes confusion. Please stop.] Whatever your preference, you’ll find a wealth of useful information in our articles on copy, including its micro and macro aspects; content planning, strategy and management for sites big and small; as well as ideas on generating it.

  1. Turn Jekyll up to Eleventy

    Paul Lloyd

    Paul Lloyd assembles a heavenly host of cherubs to sing the virtues of the Eleventy static site generator. By looking at how it compares to the familiar Ruby-based Jekyll (which we have espoused the virtues of here before), he may have you humming its tune for this season’s holiday projects. But will it put you on cloud eleven?

  2. Is Your Website Accidentally Sexist?

    Suw Charman-Anderson

    Suw Charman-Anderson offers up a handy guide to help us not get stuck up the chimney of gender bias by failing to properly consider our design and language choices. Take the time to examine your work and find any biases, because the girls and boys won’t get any toys if you don’t pull them out.

  3. A Contentmas Epiphany

    Relly Annett-Baker

    Relly Annett-Baker extends this year’s daily December dose of web goodness to encompass the Twelve Days of Christmas, all leading towards an epiphany of delight in your content. Whip your content into shape for the New Year! And watch out for a strategically placed tea tray…