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24 ways to impress your friends

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Justin JB Braun

This is a fantastic post. It’s jam-packed with practical advice to which that all writers and editors for the web ought to adhere. What’s more, it practices what it preaches.

A few things the post didn’t touch on are the content philosophies of avoiding blatant self-promotion, which can fall under your category of Useless, and ensuring content is truthful.

Both of those are especially true for corporate blogs and bloggers. No one likes a person who talks about himself too much. No one follows a person who tweets about himself too. Why turn off your audience by being a braggart?

Also, the online audience is more savvy than writers anticipate. Embellishment and exaggeration may make content more sensational, but readers can smell a lie at least 160 characters into the piece. Telling the truth in a clever way has much more of an impact than stretching the truth.

In conclusion, I love this post for all of its humor and relevance to what I do.

Keep it up.

Rollins College.