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Jeffrey Zeldman

Jeffrey Zeldman

Jeffrey Zeldman is the founder and executive creative director of Happy Cog™, an agency of web design specialists, and the co-founder (with Eric Meyer) of An Event Apart.

In 1995, the former art director and copywriter launched one of the first personal sites (Jeffrey Zeldman Presents) and began publishing web design tutorials. In 1998 he co-founded (and for several years led) The Web Standards Project, a grassroots coalition that brought standards to our browsers. That same year, he launched A List Apart “for people who make websites.”

Jeffrey has written many articles and two books, notably the foundational web standards text Designing With Web Standards, now in its third edition.

Photo: John Morrison

  1. A Holiday Wish

    Jeffrey Zeldman

    Jeffrey Zeldman beckons us cosily closer to his warm websmith’s hearth to spin a winter’s tale of hope born of (user) experience. Regardless of job title or discipline, we’re all designers. It takes all the reindeers to pull the sleigh.

  2. Recession Tips For Web Designers

    Jeffrey Zeldman

    Jeffrey Zeldman rounds of our 2008 season with some hard-earned advice for web designers and developers to take into 2009. As the economic climate gets tougher and budgets get cut, our skills need to extend to staying in work, not just completing work won.