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The Art of Mathematics: A Mandala Maker Tutorial


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Vadim Makeev

Thank you for the article! Unlike many Canvas tutorials it’s super friendly to beginners. And may I suggest a few nitpicky things to make your sample’s markup perfect? Add lang=“en” attribute to html, remove type=“text/css” from link (rel=“stylesheet” is more than enough) and remove closing slash from input as all the other self-closing tags don’t have one.

Brian LePore

While I love this article as it teaches many great things about canvas, I would suggest trying for better text within the canvas element. That text is what is sent to assistive technology, not just older versions of IE that don’t support canvas.

For this particular tutorial I do not have a better suggestion. But something like that should be kept in mind. A lot of times I’ve developed canvas stuff to show graphs and including an HTML table inside listing tabular data is a good fallback.

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