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24 ways to impress your friends

Five Ways to Animate Responsibly


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Charles Belov

I’m not sure what animation was disableable by the Little Fish site. When I turned off the on/off switch, the image still moved in response to my cursor moves, which would shortly produce a queasy effect for me.

And the on-off switch was way too subtle for me. If you hadn’t said that site had a way to disable animations, I wouldn’t have thought to interact with it.

As for the Finethought button, the button animation itself was fine, but the menu animating onto and off the screen was queasy-making.

I’d like to use thoughtful animation on my site, but I’d like to see more conservative/subtle examples of its use.


Hi Rachel, love your “adorably silly things” and thank you for the great article! Just saw that the video does not work(picture is missing) in firefox 34.0.5. Thank you!

Impress us

Be friendly / use Textile