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Cohesive UX


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Cameron Moll

@Byron – I’m suggesting it’s neither a step nor a separate method, but instead now integral to UX as a whole. And as for it seeming to be a natural concern to UX regardless, we would think so. But omitted from this article were many examples I could have shared of big and small companies failing to make their holistic product/user experience cohesive. (Footnote 1 is one of many examples.)

David Mannheim

Great article. It would seem to mean that what you term cohesion UX is a natural progression of the internet of, not just things, but everything.

For me, your second point is the most important. Consider the cloud. I can write a document on my mac that is synced to my icloud, automatically backed up, that I can then access from other devices. Granted the experience throughout these devices is somewhat different but the concept is to front a united whole; one action, one response.

I like the phone comment from your iPhone to your mac! This is particularly annoying when I’m presenting on my iPad to a client and even though my phone is on silent the iPad will still come up with “Mum”!

Ben Nash

Here’s my amazing and somewhat ridiculous story of cohesion. Last week I was reminded my wife had not seen the Matrix trilogy, so it was time to buy. I bought the first film on Google Play via my desktop. That night we watched it in the Living Room via Chromecast from my Moto X phone. I fell asleep early. Next morning I wanted to complete watching it. I have a Nexus Player in my office. I watched the rest there. I also then bought the next two films in the series on my Nexus Player. Later that night we watched the next film. This is where it gets ridiculous. I started casting the movie via my Nexus 9 tablet to the Living Room TV Chromecast. I had controls on my tablet but not on my Moto 360 smartwatch, because the Moto 360 is paired with only the Moto X. So after a few start/stops of diving in to the next film, I switched from casting the film from my tablet over to casting it from my phone. Opening up Google Play on each device was seamless and the phone knew where in the film we had reached. Hit play on the phone, and BOOM I had controls to on my wristwatch.


Are you postulating cohesive UX as a step of UX as a whole, or as a separate method for creating it?

It just seems like cohesion would be a natural concern in any UX anyway, if you know what I mean?

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