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How To Create Rockband'ism

There are mysteries happening in the world of business these days. We want something else by now. The business of business has to become more than business. We want to be able to identify ourselves with the brands we purchase and we want them to do good things. We want to feel cool because we buy stuff, and we don’t just want a shopping experience – we want an engagement with a company we can relate to.

Let me get back to “feeling cool” – if we want to feel cool, we might get the companies we buy from to support that. That’s why I am on a mission to make companies into rockbands.

Now when I say rockbands – I don’t mean the puke-y, drunky, nasty stuff that some people would highlight is also a part of rockbands. Therefore I have created my own word “rockband’ism”. This word is the definition of a childhood dream version of being in a rockband – the feeling of being more respected and loved and cool, than a cockroach or a suit on the floor of a company.


Rockband’ism is what we aspire to, to feel cool and happy.

So basically what I am arguing is that companies should look upon themselves as rockbands. Because the world has changed, so business needs to change as well.

I have listed a couple of things you could do today to become a rockband, as a person or as a company.

1 – Give your support to companies that make a difference to their surroundings – if you are buying electronics look up what the electronic producers are doing of good in the world (check out the Greenpeace Guide to Greener Electronics).

2 – Implement good karma in your everyday life (and do well by doing good). What you give out you get back at some point in some shape – this can also be implemented for business.

3WWRD? – “what would a rockband do”? or if you are into Kenny Rogers – what would he do in any given situation? This will also show yourself where your business or personal integrity lies because you actually act as a person or a rockband you admire.

4 – Start leading instead of managing – If we can measure stuff why should we manage it? Leadership is key here instead of management. When you lead you tell people how to reach the stars, when you manage you keep them on the ground.

5 – Respect and confide in, that people are the best at what they do. If they aren’t, they won’t be around for long. If they are and you keep on buggin’ them, they won’t be around for long either.

6 – Don’t be arrogant – Because audiences can’t stand it – talk to people as a person not as a company.

7 – Focus on your return on involvement – know that you get a return on, what you involve yourself in. No matter if it’s bingo, communities, talks, ornithology or un-conferences.

8 – Find out where you can make a difference and do it. Don’t leave it up to everybody else to save the world.

9 – Find out what you can do to become an authentic, trustworthy and remarkable company. Maybe you could even think about this a lot and make these thoughts into an actionplan.

10 – Last but not least – if you’re not happy – do something else, become another type of rockband, maybe a soloist of a sort, or an orchestra.

No more business as usual

This really isn’t time for more business as usual, our environment (digital, natural, work or any other kind of environment) is changing. You are going to have to change too.

This article actually sprang from a talk I did at the Shift08 conference in Lisbon in October. In addition to this article for 24 ways I have turned the talk into an eBook that you can get on Toothless Tiger Press for free.

May you all have a sustainable and great Christmas full of great moments with your loved ones. December is a month for gratitude, enjoyment and love.

About the author

Henriette Weber is the founder of Toothless Tiger where she thrives as a social business expert, specializing in marketing, branding, online presence, social media and communities.

In addition, she works with web trend spotting, e-commerce and online reputation management.

Her “formal” pitch is that “she helps companies use their online presence and strategies as a marketing tool” – but basically her hidden talent (and her real pitch) is “to stop companies from looking like (complete) asses online”.

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