Apple launched the iPhone in June; Amazon released the Kindle in November — a big year. At three, 24 ways was as diverse as ever, taking a detailed look at font stacks, website performance, working with clients and markup.

  1. Performance On A Shoe String

    Drew McLellan

    Drew McLellan rounds off our series with a look at the challenges facing a site that needs to cope with occasional peaks in traffic without spending out on high-performance hosting that’s not needed for the majority of the time. Come behind the scenes at 24 ways and see how we keep the site online through the month of December each year. Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good-night!

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  2. Increase Your Font Stacks With Font Matrix

    Richard Rutter

    Richard Rutter delivers us an early Christmas present in the form of Font Matrix, a table detailing available fonts across Windows and Mac operating system versions and with different versions of common software packages installed. Need to know how widely your font of choice is available? Just look it up. This, my friends, is the future right here.

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