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Brian Fling

Brian Fling

Brian Fling has been a leader in the web and mobile user experience. He has worked with several Fortune 500 companies to help design and develop their online experiences. Brian is a frequent speaker and author on the issues on mobile design, the mobile web and mobile user experience.

He co-created a series of iPhone web applications called Leaflets to showcase the concepts of “Mobile 2.0” just two weeks after the iPhone launched. Brian co-authored the , the first free publication to cover mobile web design and development from start to finish. He runs one of the largest online communities focused on mobile design. He is currently writing O’Reilly Media’s first book mobile, Mobile Design and Development.

Today Brian runs a small studio called Fling Media with his wife Cyndi.

  1. Mobile 2.0

    Brian Fling

    Brian Fling offers his insight into the state of the mobile web as we hurtle towards 2008. Just as Web 2.0 taught us to rethink our assumptions about the web, Mobile 2.0 looks to do the same. There’s a little something to mull over as you munch your mince pies and move onto bottle of Sherry 2.0.