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Hi I remember hearing a talk you gave on rel and rev and i got really interested.

I was wondering how i could use them in the footer of websites i build to say my company built this website.

Do you think i should use rel and rev link this


This is what (i think) this says,
easy bit
the companyname is an organization, which is inside a vcard tag so will get looked at as an organisation.

the second thing says is an external link to the document you are on and the document you are on was made by as it is the rev of this document. The rev attribute is the relationship between the resource and the current page, so the relation ship is
“this page was ‘made’ by by the resource” i.e. this page was made by;

I think this is correct but I also think i could add ‘made’ to the rel (rel=‘external made’) as well as this would say the resource was made by the resource which will be correct as we built our own website.

I am off the mark here?