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24 ways to impress your friends

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Thanks for your article. I have run into an interesting problem and am in search of further information.
I am trying to set my base css’s font-size / line-height to:
100%/1.618034em (phi).

When I do this (by defining the default in the body definition), I notice small 1px deviations between paragraph blocks but not within. Floating 2 sections next to one another betrays the difference when defining more paragraphs in one of the sections. My reset.css sets the vertical-align for relevant elements to baseline. The usual elements like padding, border and margin are set to 0 for all relevant elements.
No specific display properties are set for the paragraphs.
The problem is probably caused by rounding differences.

I could work around this if i knew the rounding algorithms for gecko and webkit. (Btw, webkit browsers show larger deviations. I have not yet tested with ie8).
Or i could avoid the problem altogether by setting a better roundable line-height or one for which no rounding is required. But again, i would have to know how specific i can be.

Do you know of sources where i can find more information? The Internet behaves like an oister on this subject.