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24 ways to impress your friends

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David Kadavy

(I wrote the book you mention in #9 – thanks!)

Great article, Anna! I didn’t know about Wrap Bootstrap or Subtle Patterns. The latter will be good for a project I’m working on (I may even use Cream Dust), and the former – maybe I can make a Bootstrap theme soon.

Google Fonts, Typekit, and other services are awesome. In my conversations with budding designers, I’ve found it can be really intimidating to choose from the sea of choices on these sites, though. Even I have only come across a few typefaces there that I’m really crazy about.

I just wanted to let your readers know that if they’re experiencing “font anxiety,” I have a PDF available at my book’s site (URL next to my name) called “All of the fonts you’ll ever need,” which I’ll immediately email to them if they enter their address (they’ll then be subscribed for more emails about design, but they are welcome to immediately unsubscribe if they like).

This PDF doesn’t have the more “exciting” fonts that you find in Google Web Fonts or Typekit, but it does offer some simple recommendations, and describes some classifications for those fonts that are useful for knowing what fonts to pair them with, and what mediums they work best on (some fonts aren’t so good for screen).

Thanks again for the mention, and I hope your readers get some use out of my book should they choose to check it out. If anyone has any questions, I’m pretty active on twitter: @kadavy.