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24 ways to impress your friends

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Jon B

Hey Shaun, I said it wasn’t particular a reference to this article, it was more to point out a possible gotcha when people implement something similar. We have built projects before that rely on the image onload event and have found that in some browsers (Opera and IE) the onload event fails to fire if the image is drawn from the cache rather than from the web. Do a google search and you’ll see I’m not making it up. I also said I was sure it was taken into consideration in this article – I’m really sorry if I got people’s backs up, but the onload ‘gotcha’ was a real pain when we first ran into it and I just thought it might be worth pointing out here.

Seriously I love this site and all the tips and have been really interested in everything. I learnt everything I know from guys like you all and I don’t assume I know more than any of you.