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24 ways to impress your friends

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Mike D

I’ve just done a boat load of christmas e-card animations for clients. This year is the first year where there has been a lot of demand to do them in ‘html5’ and to ‘make it mobile compatible’. In many cases, once they have had it explained that the cost will be a lot higher, the end result will be a lot simpler and have less shine (e.g no particle effects, blending modes, accurately synced sound, 3d, that it won’t work on old browsers typical in corporate environments and will work poorly on mobiles) they have reverted back to flash which has a far better ROI and quality of result. Unfortunately articles like these stokes hipsters and the blogotwittersphere with the end result that creative directors and account handlers and other assorted people with an eye on fashion, but with no real handle on the reality in the trenches, are doing clients a disservice. Totally agree with Mparaiso!