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  1. Maud-Dib of Dune

    Awesome! Love it, love the well thought explanation; very consise and very readable and ultimately lowers the hurdle more than any others on AJAX which myn eyes have read today or previously.

    I do NOT like/use/no PHP, but dig how it can be used in place of ActiveX for posting w/o refresh – which is the ultimate end game issue. Do you have any excellent redirections to how-to w/o PHP?

    Here are typos:

    1) make:

    “The function madeEditable() attaches the mouseover…”

    should say:

    makeEditable instead of madeEditable.

    2) , false

    “Event.observe(obj.id+’_cancel’, ‘click’, function(){cleanUp(obj)}, false);”

    should have a ”, false)” parameter in the call to cleanUp as in:

    Event.observe(obj.id+’_cancel’, ‘click’, function(){cleanUp(obj,false)}, false);