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Jason Grigsby

@junior wrote:

One of the unfortunate realities of browser “solutions” is that the community at large only gets to decide after they are implemented, whether as experimental, browser prefixed or fully implemented.

That’s one of the beautiful and amazing things happening with responsive images right now. The majority of the work and development is happening by web developers, not by browser makers.

Community Groups were created by the W3C to give web developers and designers a voice in the standards process. The Responsive Images Community Group is the best example of that process in action.

Join the group. See something that doesn’t make sense? Submit a bug on the RICG Github project or send a pull request.

I highly encourage people who are interested in these issues to look at the use cases that the RICG has defined.

Most discussions about responsive images that don’t reference use cases end up with people talking past each other. The best thing you can do to have a productive conversation about possible solutions is to familiarize yourself with the use cases that the proposed solutions are trying to solve.

Finally, I hope everyone takes it to heart that you can contribute to the responsive images solution. Join the Responsive Images Community Group. You really do have a say in what gets implemented.