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24 ways to impress your friends

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I have a solution for you : dont use half-backed techs like CSS animations. While CSS transforms are great ( and some browsers support GPU acceleration for CSS transforms ). CSS animation is a joke, a standard one , but unusable.

Adobe Edge tries to do too much things at once and it does it the wrong way , so it is not a solution , neither.

The solution is simple :
- on desktop , flash is still at a 95 penetration rate , there is no reason not to use it. The alternative is a slow , heavy hard to work with , CPU hog , CSS animation standard.

- on tablets , either provide a simple image as a fallback , or a video , if the the stuff is animation heavy ( but no interactivity … ).

-on mobile : dont bother …

HTML5 did not kill and will not kill flash. People still use it , and dont give a damn about the tech used. You just need to explain your clients that different devices means different experiences.

If you are on Mac , you can test Hype instead of Adobe Edge ,i’m working on a HTML5 animation product focused on optimisation an performance too, and it will be a webapp.