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24 ways to impress your friends

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Jordan Moore

Hey Trent,

What a wonderful piece that feels very apt for this time of year. You hit on lots of important points, one of which was about gaining a better knowledge of the materials we work with in the form of tools like plugins and frameworks.

I liken the blind usage of such tools to someone handing a professional skydiver a backpack and telling them “I packed your chute for you buddy!”. It’s crucial to know the contents. (I know can be guilty of this).

As you mentioned by understanding, contributing to and improving upon the tools, ideas and things we make as a community, things work out for the greater good.

I regularly think how lucky we are to live in an age where we can easily seek input and guidance from makers the world over; where products can be improved over any physical distance by a meeting of minds that doesn’t require the participants to be in the same room. This sets us apart from makers of the past, imagine how they would have fared and improved lives had they had such a tool at their disposal.

Like your content choreography article (thanks for mentioning my rebound!), you planted the seed – I hope people take home this message and figure things out together in a time where it is so easy to collaborate with each other. We are very lucky.