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24 ways to impress your friends

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A very refreshing article, Paul.

I hear and read so many different views on what are the main factors site owners, or those working with sites, should focus on to achieve a higher level of success.

Of course quality content is one of the first things thrown around in many conversations, often followed by site design(navigation,etc) and making sure a clear purpose(what the site can do(provide)….(what the visitor’s needs are…) and the (call to action prompts)..where the two objectives meet…… is provided on the site…

I have seen some sites with great designs and very poor content, that are achieving some really decent success…*which may just be due to people being so visual(vision) orientated….

Also, there are some sites who’s content is of a very high standard( a lot of work went into it)…yet, they seem to be struggling….

Going by how I see many sites performing and the way they are set up, I think Branding(site ) and the site owners rep(how they are perceived) can make a huge difference….