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24 ways to impress your friends

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You know I just stumbled across this article in search of inspiration for a blog I am about to start with a a university pal of mine! Which ironically enough came from me having started a blog of my own (as a side project) to try and drive traffic to my main website. I’m a relative newbie on the Freelance graphic design block you see! So it appears to be working slowly but surely and I am learning more about blogging all the time. Whats more my classmates seem to like my ramblings so who knew I actually have something interesting to say.

I am therefore an advocate of the side project, my only bug bare though is that you have to find the time to do it in. It’s a shame that we don’t value this kind of ethos more because if society as a whole gave a little more flexibility to people to pursue there own interests they would be inadvertently giving the economy a boost through the rise of local trade but hey ho that’s a wider issue.

Perhaps if we encourage form the ground up, we will see a resurgence of the community based business and a little less of the mega corporation. Just a thought.