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24 ways to impress your friends

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diseñador madrid

I would say that clients largely fall into two groups. Firstly there are those who appreciate quality and craftsmanship, and care enough about their product that they want the best for it and are willing to pay the price in money and time.

Then there are people that just want a website built, and see what we do as a commodity industry – they’ll write a brief and get estimates from several people, and will likely go with the cheaper end.

If you consider yourself a craftsman, then obviously the second type of client is of no value to you whatsoever (I’d say they’d even do you more harm than good). Learn to judge based on early interactions, including their brief, their budget (always insist on being given a number), and their answers to your questions which category a prospective client falls into, and respond accordingly. As you raise it with experience, you aren’t getting more expensive, you’re simply providing good value to a higher calibre market.