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24 ways to impress your friends

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I have for years marketed myself as a craftsperson, holding to all the values and traits you have so beautifully communicated Ben.

I think it is important to point out though, to any self employed ‘craftspeople’ that aspiring to this level of artisanship will not always be your ally in the ‘real world’ of trying to make ends meet.

Clients on the whole do not ‘get’ this attention to detail this passion and therefore are unwilling to pay a premium for it, so unless you can do all this and still bring it competitively and remember you have to be competitive against the ‘blodgers’ who don’t give a monkeys about quality it may be better reserved for personal projects.

Having said that i still continue to adopt the approach of a craftsperson but loose a lot of potential clients who don’t understand why my prices are higher. I think my main issue is dealing with local market and would perhaps have more success with a pre educated market who understood the difference between cutting edge, best practices versus pre 2003 DW table design!! help!! aghhh!