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24 ways to impress your friends

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Mike Healy

Like lupalz I was unsure that minimalism was a necessary trait. I thought of a piece of furniture with detailed decorative carvings. Those details are unnecessary for its function to be sat on, eaten at, or hold socks, but add a lot to the value of the object. Some would say that beauty and pleasure are functions, and for that reasons the decorations are not superfluous.

Perhaps no unnecessary irrelevant bits would be more appropriate? No junk class names spat out by a CMS for styling that never comes, no obscure social sharing buttons that never get clicked, no excess descriptions and instructions that never get read.

On a side note ‘craftspersonship’ and ‘craftpersonhood’ have got to be the clunkiest and inelegant words I’ve ever read. It’d be great if some women could give permission for craftsmanship to be the cover all.

Good article.