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  1. Ben Bodien

    Thanks everyone for your comments and thoughts!

    @Lupalz I take your point, and certainly sometimes well crafted objects and products can be embellished beyond what is strictly necessary for their function. It would probably be quite a boring world if that were not the case.

    I’ve never been close enough to such a Cadillac unfortunately, but I would hesitate to classify it as crafted work purely from the form of the tail fins, as classic and beautiful as they are.

    I would suggest that good craftsmanship sits significantly closer to engineering than art. After all, craftspeople were typically producers of commissioned, tailored items that had a specific function, rather than creators of pure art. Any perceived artistic qualities of a crafted product would therefore generally be a surface level bi-product of the “engineering” within.

    @Stuart I was the same for a very long time, starting each project from scratch. Having a common baseline really helps you improve and develop a deeper understanding of the plugins and libraries you rely on.