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24 ways to impress your friends

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Thanks for the great blog post, but there’s a big challenge that I’d like advice from either the author of this article or other readers in the community.

So let’s say I had a pet project. Now I’m working full time on it. I am a really good backend developer, I am willing to begin learning about business, I am a terrible at graphic design. It’s clear to me that for my pet project to financially succeed, I need to find partners to make up for my weaknesses.

I’ve been in several equity partnerships on past projects, but they never worked out because of one reason or another (eg. someone not pulling their weight, not being able to compromise or agree on things, different outlook for product/business etc…). Now I’m at a loss as to who I can ask to join in my mission. I’d imagine this is a common problem for young entrepreneurs/developers with limited network, insignificant reputation, and minimal influence in the industry.

So does that mean a good developer’s first priority for his pet project is to actually NOT be the pet project? But rather interfacing with the world and getting his name out there?