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24 ways to impress your friends

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Simon Collison

Thanks for the responses and kind words (so far). I’m delighted this message resonates and feels relevant (or even obvious) to many of you.

Jeremy Archer: Sorry, but as stated the application I’m building is being built and will be going through a few rounds of private beta until we’re happy that it’s been tested fully and does it’s job. I’d have shared a link if I could. Maybe follow @fanzinefm on Twitter to keep an eye on it.

Asger Norskov Bak: I completely agree. Living With Complexity is another classic book from Don Norman. Everybody should read it, and I usually steer clear of such dictatorial statements.

Mark Brown: I agree with almost everything there, although I see or hear people misunderstanding the purpose of simplicity all over the place! Sure, most seasoned practitioners “get it”, but for many (especially those with less experience, or clients) it is a goal they strive for without truly understanding how to achieve it without damaging the user experience.

Ram: Good comment regarding redesigning complex sites. Completely agree that gradual enhancement is the best way of ensuring a large existing audience isn’t turned away by a redesign or new feature. Incremental baby steps!

Merry christmas!