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24 ways to impress your friends

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Owen Gregory

Paul: I’m glad you like it. Musical rhythm, tempo and pacing are certainly things I think can inform design, particularly interaction design, as users move through forms or a process, like payment or signup.

Barry: It is a fascinating subject. It’s difficult to know what intervals will work, but I’m sure they can be used for effect as well as underlying a design as a whole. Musical form would involve much more complex thinking to apply to web design, I believe. What does a sonata look like?

Ben: You’re not alone in thinking the article will require re-reading – its length alone might make that necessary! Jazz could offer some interesting ideas to explore, beyond blues-based chords, such as the notion of improvisation.

Scott: Very happy that you enjoyed it.

Stuart: You’re right.

Tom: Hope the project revisit goes well. As for cheat sheets, you won’t believe the number of times I have to refer back to those tables!

Dave: Many thanks. I look forward to seeing anyone take these ideas and develop them in ways that can benefit more of us. I feel that I’ve just scratched the surface in this article.