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Dale Sande

The concepts of styleguides have been a passion for me for years now. Building a site or an app without one now feels like cars without seat belts.

I too have put out a styleguide/CSS framework written in LESS and am in the process of developing the same thing in SASS.

For me, the greatest benefit and the most WIN for using a styleguide is the idea that UI developers are forced to address UI problems in the abstract versus developing that UI ‘widget’ in the screen from which it was first designed.

All to often we develop markup and CSS from a single use perspective and when the time comes that we need to use that ‘widget’ again, we find ourselves writing lots of additional code.

Concepts on OOCSS help us to do that better, but the styleguide concept enforces those principals.

It is awesome that this concept is gaining momentum and is showing no signs of stopping.