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Another option might be to override document.write. Assuming you are in control of the ad providers, and don’t make use of document.write yourself (which you shouldn’t!), you could then put the provider’s <script> tag at the bottom of your document, and use your own document.write method to deal with the content as appropriate.

The only caveat with this approach is that when setting innerHTML (as you will ultimately need to), <script> tags aren’t processed, so these would need to be manually found and added. This is the approach that Steve Souders takes in his ControlJS library, and, to my mind at least, it seems to be a pretty good idea.

There are, of course, other approaches that you could take. Iframes purely for the provider’s script, which can then be positioned or scraped, could work as well. Of course, the best possible solution would be to use a provider that supports JSONP. :)