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Matt Wilcox

@Robin Winslow

I’d love to know more about your first point – whether that’s a setting I can send in headers, and if so, how. I’m not at all up on how CDNs actually work – I am a front-end developer mainly! Thanks for that info :)

As for the sending a re-direct or re-loading images via JS… I’m still not sold on that solution. It would work I’m sure, I’m just not convinced it’s a better thing than how it currently works. On mobile networks especially the killer is often network latency which is far worse than the bandwidth (which is also poor). I think by doubling the number of HTTP requests you’d slow sites down too much, to the point where you may as well not bother with the adaptive solution at all.

I’d toyed with @Sripathi’s idea before too, but can’t bring myself to rely on it. If people want to fork AI and go that route they are very welcome to do so :) That also reminds me, I never did address @Sripathi’s posts – sorry man, they’re good points well made.