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24 ways to impress your friends

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Jeremy Keith

Elliot, I don’t see JS a requirement. All of the content is always available: sometimes it requires an extra click (small screen or non-JS) and sometimes it is provided after page load (large screen with JS enabled) but crucially, the content is always accessible.

Also, the content of the page does not require JavaScript; it is delivered in HTML. The extra stuff (delivered in the sidebar) is not the main content of the page. In fact, the real question shouldn’t be “can I deliver this content to users of any device?” but rather “should I be delivering this content to anyone?”

A good way of thinking about what constitutes the content of a page (as opposed to nice-to-have additional stuff) is to consider what information would be delivered in an alternate representation. For example, if this were a JSON or XML file, what content would be represented?