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24 ways to impress your friends

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David Goss


I think that there is an underlying assumption about user intention as screen sizes change.

The problematic assumption for me is the one that assumes phone users are always “on the go”. You mentioned the train in your comment, which is the most common and cliched example I hear. I browse the web an awful lot on my phone, but more than half the time I am sitting still and want the same things I’d want if I were at my computer. Moreover, even when I’m “on the go”, I still want those same things. Businesses that think their desktop and mobile users have totally separate needs should go away and think about what the purpose of their website actually is.

Great article Jeremy. Only thing I’d add would be to hijax the link to trigger searchNews when clicked rather than taking you off-page. But like you said, it’s more the idea than the code.