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24 ways to impress your friends

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John Rose

Wow. Thank you for the tip that what I have been trying to achieve is possible in Firefox with:

@writing-mode: sideways-lr;@

I am using a
between two words- imagine that your example 4B would be:


I find that to duplicate the sideways-lr effect for all browsers using your “hack,” one would use:

bc. writing-mode: vertical-rl; text-align: left; transform: rotate(180deg);

Your example 4B uses:

@text-align: right;@

This is more obvious by changing your example 4B to “Winter Hikes” rather than the equal-#-of-letters “Winter Hiking”

Thank you so much for your explorations- truly amazing to run into your guide for achieving exactly what I have been struggling with, found via a link to the 24 Ways article via Rachel Andrew’s newsletter. I am an amateur, and this is my first writing in Textile, so I hope I have done that correctly.