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24 ways to impress your friends

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Fantastic article.

It’s this kind of thing that people learning to be front end devs should be exposed to. Not just front end devs, anyone involved in the chain that leads to what the front end dev is doing.

We all have a joint responsibility to provide information for all and too frequently it’s left to the last person in the chain to try and fix it (by then it’s too late) and even though they haven’t been told to.

This is why I think I have a bit of a hatred for frameworks (they all have a place if used properly) as I constantly have to mop up behind people that are focusing on speed to market rather than quality of underlying code. It’s an education/culture thing, it’s wrong to attack people if they don’t know they’re doing it however those that do know and choose to carry on doing whatever they want because it “looks okay, lets just launch”, “It’s a single page app, we can do a million things on one page” or “has the latest Whizz Bang Widget doesn’t it look amazing”

Single biggest issue in front end web development in my opinion. It requires a change in culture, education and also professionalism, unfortunately the issue is extremely widespread and there is no real comeback for not doing things properly.

Thank you for covering this topic, it’s one that I care about deeply.