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24 ways to impress your friends

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Hi Megan,

Thanks for sharing. I have same story as yours and I have been through same episodes as you, I actually doodled on a biology paper. I was brilliant in all subjects did good in that paper too but the doodle got my teacher attention and same humiliation I went through as you in front of the whole class.

And then he use to throw open challenges at me and set special papers for me. Before exams he even use to place a bet of taking me to lunch if I score highest. I still have that paper with me I managed to crack the toughest paper he set. So what you shared is absolutely true. And I practice the same things as you do.

Thanks for making me remember my past. My Bio Teacher still in touch with me I help him out with his class presentations and stuff & computer troubles as he is a biology guy ;)

Merry Christmas