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Hey Rachel, lovely article. I’ve been using flexbox over the last year in production, but only with the standards syntax and fall back to inline-block. The new grid spec looks amazing and I can’t wait to tinker with it.

Although I avoid using frameworks like Bootstrap and Foundation and generally prefer semantic class names without the overhead, I feel it’s important to mention that both Bootstrap and Foundation offer mixins for their grids to avoid the dreaded col and row classes. So it’s up to the user to choose them. In a large project I was working on recently, for a really big app, I started questioning the use of semantic classes, since the CSS files did get much larger with the repetitive grid mixins. Most grids don’t use more than four to six columns, so I do wonder whether it’s makes sense to actually have those col-sm-25 or col-md-6 classes, although I still don’t feel comfortable using them!
Thanks again for this inspiring article and comparison between both layouting methods, and I hope to delve more into grids this year :)