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David Hund

Thanks for this good intro on Tabs, Remy.

There’s obviously some things that you’ve not dealt with (like you mention yourself) such as multiple tabs on a page, etc.

One other feature I often miss is keyboard arrow access. While it’s easy to tab through the tabs (wow…), it’s often nice to be able to use the left/right arrows too. A small enhancement.

Apart from those I noticed one bug: when you navigate from “Dizzy” (no hash) to “Ninja” the Back button does not work as expected. This is, of course, because the first tab “Dizzy” is active without a hash. To enable back-button functionality you’d have to initialize the first tab with a hash (or something like that).

Also: you can re-create much of this tab functionality with CSS and the `:target` pseudo-class. This would show/hide the tab panels even when JS is off/errs.