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The iPhone isn’t the only smartphone. This may come as a shock to you, but really, it isn’t. The options aren’t the ‘Nokia Dumbphone’ or an iPhone. I find this assumption incredibly arrogant, naive, and simply devoid of understanding of user requirements, budgets, and all the rest of the factors that go into choosing a phone.

The point I’m making is were talking about the web, not native apps or anything else, but the web. We know that a site should work, in some way or another, across all browsers / OS’s etc. My issue comes with the idea that in the mobile world, this is somehow different. If your going to have an iPhone specific site, you should be catering for all the other possible options as well, which means god knows how many different versions to keep on top of, maintain and update etc, its going to become a maintenance nightmare.

Imagine you’re browsing on your wonderful oh-so-lovely iPhone and you come across a site that wont work properly – its been built for android – chances are that’s going to annoy you, but for some reason you seem to think this is okay the other way round?