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24 ways to impress your friends

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Simon Young

I actually think this is one of the most useful articles in the 24ways series so far this year.

Regarding the first commenter’s succinct point that mobile != iPhone: that is of course true and there is evidence to suggest more Android phones are activated than iPhones in some areas of the world.

The problem is that targeting Android phones is difficult – different resolutions, different software functionality and hardware functionality mean that you can’t develop for the device with the kind of certainty you can for the iOS platform.

That point is as true for developing web apps for mobile as it is for developing native apps.

I think that media queries are a great solution for presenting the same content on many different platforms and devices where you can’t be sure of the size of the device and the capabilities of the platform.

But that said, if you know you have a significant mobile user base who are using the iPhone/iPod and you want to target them with a separate version of your site which targets the device’s enhanced functionality rather than presenting the content solely based on the dimensions of the screen then this article offers some great pointers on how to get started.

Thanks Sarah!