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24 ways to impress your friends

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Drew Neil

@prisca I’m glad it inspired you.

I’d prefer not to do the maths in such a way

I didn’t want to labour the point, but using percentages for dimensions saves you from doing a lot of sums. In an earlier draft, I calculated the precise pixel dimensions for each nested div. The resulting code is not pretty!

@AndyWebber I wasn’t aware that the Golden Ratio had been removed from the #newtwitter design. Did you read that somewhere, or did you get a measuring tape out and figure it out for yourself?

@JonathanSchofield if that were true, we’d totally have to hang out together!

@JonGlick Snap! I also dreamed up my example whilst offline in an airport. Perhaps all of those propellers served us the inspiration.

@BrandonStephens thanks for pointing that out! I’ll be sure to fix it before the magazine goes to print.

@DavidDesandro I’m glad you asked. I don’t have a satisfactory comeback for that, but Mr Tim Brown’s response is very interesting. If you haven’t already watched it, set aside 30 minutes for the video of his talk from Build. He puts forward a convincing methodology for harnessing proportions in a way that is web native. I am looking forward to experimenting with modular scales myself. Thanks Tim!