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24 ways to impress your friends

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Carl Rosekilly

Great article Mike but I don’t think these thought processes can apply to every designer.

Not everyone is in the same position as you and we don’t all have the fantastic budgets and open minded clientele that you work with.

As already mentioned by other posts, some clients have old school ideologies and less attractive budgets which means giving the client what they want, without really being able to put our stamp on things.

Putting this all aside, if we do try to break the mould and offer an alternative, then even the least attractive client could conform to our formulas as certain styles and UX would become more acceptable.

I’m of the notion that function should always eclipse design because if a user can’t navigate a website, what is the point? Regardless of how pretty it looks, but…

…If you have a website that looks s**t hot and functions really well, then you’re certainly on to a winner ;-)