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24 ways to impress your friends

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In the book “Understanding Comics,” Scott McCloud talks about this phenomenon with new artists where the first time they are inspired to practice the art-form that inspired them, they replicate it. What you get is a piece that is all surface, which didn’t have the fundamentals of the art-form applied to it during its creation. Mr. McCloud then goes into the six steps where he explains how a new artist transforms into a professional and what kind of professional they can become.

Anyways, the important thing I got out of that section is that having pieces of work that essentially mimic the presentational styles of the artwork that inspired you won’t really lead you anywhere. In fact, the web designers that do inspire me (Dean Curtis, Tim Van Damme, Joe Lifrieri, Jason Santa Maria, and so on) do so because their work shows that they’re taking some fundamental knowledge in their field of design and applying it to the web (like Mike Kus or Jason Santa Maria, who if I recall correctly, used to be a print designer).

I could say web design is just print design with interactivity, but that’s missing out multimedia or usability or other abstract attributes that are crucial in shaping a positive experience for a web browser (I’m of course referring to people or should I call them internet surfers or is that too 90s). 

Anyways, amen! Thanks for this article. It’s a good reminder for those who are drowning in the technicalities of web design and development. Now to pick up more books on design.