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Daniel Morrison

I’ve read a lot from Roger, Anne, and others in the XHTML/HTML discussion, and I think that the single most important issue is the use of Strict doctypes.

The first step on the road to better standards support is to get the average developer to move to Strict. Of course, they then need to make sure they’re writing valid, well-formed code…

Once you can write Strict, you can move into the html/xhtml debate. I tend to see developers starting with tag soup, moving to (X)HTML transitional, then XHTML strict, then back to HTML strict. So we need to get people using Strict before we can have the language debate.

Personally, I use XHTML, with application/xhtml+xml. I know many would disagree with my choice, but many more wouldn’t even understand what we’re talking about.

Let’s start with Strict and go from there.