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24 ways to impress your friends

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Tommie Hansen

Someone already said this but there are coders and there are designers. Some “designers” can’t create any type of actual creative designs and are more of the copy+paste kind or the “let’s do a crappy Wordpress-template” -kind. These are also the people that would appreciate this sort of uncreative fluff that this article suggests.

Sure, it’ll work great for simple markups (like the example) and the sort of template/css-framework madness we’ve seen the last couple of years that is just mindblowingly crazy and is more often abused then made something good out of.

And CSS3? Sure … since IE6-IE8 only has about 65% it’s a great idea to make mockups with a lot of unsupported code that can’t be used anyway later on. Talk about actually creating the largest elephant in the room ever.

Paper > Photoshop > HTML+CSS+JS