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24 ways to impress your friends

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Interesting angle on the ‘design’ side of things. I agree fundamentally on the ‘design in the browser’ approach, but… well… my Photoshop never crashes like yours does… your computer sounds nervy.

Also, I’ve been making design/websites so long, I don’t need to mess around ‘blind’ with the CSS until I’m fine tuning. It isn’t a very creative way to experiment. I never decided to design on a computer so I could just type the word ‘float’ or ‘500px’ etc. I did it because I wanted to be visually inventive and use a great tool for that.

However, the best tool I’ve ever discovered for beginning the design process is called a pencil and paper.

BTW, this comment box goes over the submit button. I had to lift up the corner to find it… :-0