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24 ways to impress your friends

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Evan OConnell

While I enjoyed reading this article I don’t think I would call it the “future” or the “best” way to do it. Obviously its personal choice where to start and everyones going to do what they’re most comfortable with.

My thoughts. Most of the advantages you brought up with having the design in code when showing it to your client is correct. It is much easier to quickly update a webpage than re-saving a photoshop file and emailing it. But, that same process can be done after you come up with the design. As soon as I’m satisfied with the design I try to put it to code. After it is in code I rarely go back to the photoshop file unless I need sizes or images. So, I do agree, showing a website is much better than an image but that really has less to do with the design process and where it begins.