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  1. austin

    First off. That was the most enjoyable web article I have ever read. Thank you for that. You should become a writer, why are you wasting away with us in the world of HTML, you have a gift. Serious.

    So. As I was saying.

    This article completely challenges the way I attack web design. So I kept asking myself during the reading, is this the light? and my answer is…

    If I could design in HTML I would. Simply.
    and even though you proved in your example to make a clean, professional page, designing in HTML is limiting.

    I could continue to explain why I am not going to go to your HTML WEB DESIGN CHURCH but I will end it here and leave you with another thank you. Thats how I roll.

    And I cant wait for the US vs England match. Yup, I am rooting for Donovon and the US, even though Rooney is in form and kicking ass.