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24 ways to impress your friends

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I’ve got to say, it’s an interesting article, and a great approach.

The only problem is the client.

I’d have a hard time passing a high budget site this way. Clients are all about the end product, and how it will present them. Photoshop & Fireworks allow us to present this ideal quickly and easily – with edits also being equally as quick.

But with that said, I do think the mockups need to be presented as true to form as possible. For this, i’ll generally create a basic html page, and embed the image. If colours or lines extend from the image, a simple background tile helps get this across the line.

The benefit of the client seeing the design at the right size, in their browser and being able to scroll up and down is a great way to get real-world feedback.

The fact it’s online and easily accessible also puts an end to the heart-stopping comment i’m sure we’ve all heard…

“so we printed out the mockup and passed it around the office for people to comment on”