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Can Berkol

Although I agree with you, I can’t be as fanatic as you are about dropping PS. First off all we use PS or other software alike to make preliminary sketches. Our image mockups are used as starting points very much like the story-boarding in movie industry.

You need to know visualy where you want different elements to be. First thing you do to draw boxes and move them around. Second, you go to PS and create a better looking layout to match the layout design to overall brand identity. Add some colorsi some curves … … … It’s a fast solution really.

It’s very rare that we send images to customer to make a demo. We only use the preview images to build an agreement on layoyt not the interaction.

Interaction comes later on. What’s going to happen when this box is checked and that button is clicked…. They are all a latter stage.

First you need to agree with customer on generic page layout. You don’t need PS for that. But you need a complete sketch and mostly a good-looking sketch not a clumsy drawing made by hand.

What I am trying to say is; yes I agree with you based on the given workflow examples. Whether you use PS or something else a preliminary mockup is always a good addition to your workflow. That way it becomes easier to bring the customer and the designer on a common ground before getting into details of the UI development.